hide the current process executable file

I have been working on a new functionality for the prctl syscall utility that addresses a common security concern with container runtimes.

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the journey to speed up running OCI containers

When I've started working on crun, I was looking at a faster way to start up and stop containers by improving the OCI runtime, the component in the OCI stack that is responsible to ultimately talk to the kernel and setting the environment where the container runs.

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seccomp made easy

seccomp is a kernel feature that restricts what syscalls can be used by a process.

Almost every container runs with seccomp enabled to restrict its access to syscalls.

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cgroup v2 OOM group

One annoying issue with setting a memory limit for a container is that the OOM killer kernel process can leave the container in an inconsistent state with only some processes terminated.

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playing with seccomp notifications in the OCI runtime

A couple weekends ago I've played with seccomp user notifications and how they can be used in the OCI containers stack.

Seccomp user notifications are a powerful Linux kernel feature, that delegates syscalls handling to a userland program.

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