Summer of Code 2015 for wget

coming as a surprise, this year we have got 4 students to work full-time during the summer on wget. More than all the students who have ever worked for wget before during a Summer of Code!

The accepted projects cover different areas: security, testing, new protocols and some speed-up optimizations. Our hope is that we will be able to use the new pieces as soon as possible, this is why we ask students to keep their code always rebased on top of the current wget development version.

Improve Wget’s security
The project aims at adding HSTS support in wget and enhance FTP security through FTPS.
Speed up Wget’s Download Mechanism
Support two performance enhancements: conditional GET requests and TCP Fast Open.
HTTP/2 support
Basic HTTP/2 support on top of Nghttp2.
FTP Server Test Suite
Augment the tests suite with FTP tests.