New COPR repository for crun

I made a new COPR repository for CRUN so that it can be easily tested on Fedora:

To install crun on Fedora, it is enough to:

# dnf install 'dnf-command(copr)'
# dnf -y copr enable gscrivano/crun
# dnf install -y crun

a recent change in the atomic tool, which didn’t still get into a release, allows to easily override the OCI runtime for system containers. Assuming you are using atomic from the upstream repository, you can use crun as:

# atomic install --system ----runtime /usr/bin/crun
# systemctl start etcd

It will install etcd as a system container which runs through crun!

You might need to disable SELinux as the /usr/bin/crun executable is not yet labelled correctly.