become-root in an user namespace

I’ve cleaned up some C files I was using locally for hacking with user namespaces and uploaded them to a new repository on github:

Creating an user namespace can be easily done with unshare(1) and get the current user mapped to root with unshare -r COMMAND but it doesn’t support the mapping of multiple uids/gids. For doing that it is necessary to use the suid newuidmap and newgidmap tools, that allocates multiple uids/gids to unprivileged users accordingly to the configuration files:

  • /etc/subuid: for additional UIDs
  • /etc/subgid: for additional GIDs
$ grep gscrivano /etc/subuid

$ become-root cat /proc/self/uid_map 
         0       1000          1
         1     110000      65536

The uid_map file under /proc shows the mappings used by the process.

become-root doesn’t allow any customization, it statically maps the current user to the root in the user namespace and any additional uid/gid are mapped starting from 1.

One feature that might be nice to have is to allow the creation of other namespaces as part of the same unshare syscall, such as creating a mount or network namespace, but I’ve not added this feature as I am not using it, I rely on unshare(1) for more features. PR are welcome.