rootless podman from upstream on Centos 7

this is the recipe I use to build podman from upstream on Centos 7 and use rootless containers. We need an updated version of the shadow utils as newuidmap and newgidmap are not present on Centos 7. Using make install is not the correct way to install packages, and it will also overwrite existing The shadow utils are installed using “make install” which is not the clean way to install packages and it also overwrite the existing binaries, but it is fine on a development system. Podman is already present on Centos 7 and in facts we install it so we don’t have to worry about conmon and other dependencies.

$ sudo yum install -y golang runc git ostree-devel gpgme-devel device-mapper-devel btrfs-progs-devel libassuan-devel libseccomp-devel automake autoconf gettext-devel libtool libxslt libsemanage-devel bison libcap-devel podman
$ go get -u

$ (git clone; cd shadow; ./ --prefix=/usr --enable-man; make && sudo make -C src install)

$ (git clone; cd slirp4netns; ./; ./configure --prefix=/usr; make -j $(nproc); sudo make install)

$ sudo bash -c 'echo 10000 > /proc/sys/user/max_user_namespaces'

$ sudo bash -c "echo $(whoami):110000:65536 > /etc/subuid"

$ sudo bash -c "echo $(whoami):110000:65536 > /etc/subgid"


$ go/bin/podman pull alpine
$ go/bin/podman run --net host --rm -ti alpine echo hello